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Memory expert Vicki Mizel presents brain-training system that helps you think faster, excel at tests and public speaking, retain names and data, boost creativity and banish fear of age-related decline.

In 1984, when medical science believed the brain could not regenerate, nor was there any help for Alzheimer’s patients, author Vicki Mizel was using memory training methods in the San Diego City Schools Unified District working with gifted students. At the same time, she became an advocate for her beloved uncle, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. In order for her to prove the validity of her memory system with Alzheimer’s patients, Vicki was hired as a communications instructor at San Diego Community College, under the direction VICKI MIZEL and guidance of Dr. Ortega St. John. She began working at two assisted living facilities and an Alzheimer’s day care center.

Because of her efforts, group participants with Alzheimer’s remembered positive, emotionally packed events in their lives by recalling images of specific moments. Patients acted out their images in improvisational pantomime. Both patients and staff were thrilled.

Vicki then began a life-long study to help Alzheimer’s patients, using her memory system. Some non-verbal patients started to talk. Some who were initially uninvolved would gradually become participants. Activity coordinators in various assisted living facilities noted that patients did not decline cognitively when Vicki was working with them.

What is remarkable about Vicki’s research and the stories she shares in Love Remembers is that she discovered a connection between Alzheimer’s and personal loss. Deep loss can mean loss of self. Vicki’s work includes healing from grief, generating ways to create new passion, and purpose for oneself. This includes knowledge about good nutrition, exercise that promotes oxygen to the brain and, relationships with family and friends. Vicki’s methods of exercising the brain can often help stave off further progression of memory impairment.



Can your brain and mind can be strengthened at any age—even if injury, stroke or Alzheimer’s is present? “Yes!” says brain and memory expert Vicki Mizel, creator of the revolutionary Brain Sprouts memory system that stimulates neuro-branch growth in the brain, thus improving memory. You’ll never worry again about losing information that’s important, remembering key points for a speech or meeting, or losing your memory with age. Vicki’s entertaining presentation gives you a memory system in one hour that you’ll use for the rest of your life. Want to banish your fear of Alzheimer’s, even if you’ve seen a family member suffer? “One out of four people gets dementia or dies after retirement,” says Vicki, “but you can be free from worry about age-related decline when you spend just a few minutes a day regenerating your brain.”



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