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Love Rememebers

Cognitive Enhancement

Feeding Your Cells and Your Selves – The Whole Person

Vicki Mizel presents 10 hours of interviews with leaders in areas of cognitive enhancement including:

• Dr. Ortega St John
• Arnold Bresky
• Tonya Kaplan
• Maria Levine
• Beverly Anne Wilson
• Vicki Mizel
• Timothy Binder
• Kharma Singh Khalsa
Topics and descriptions below.

    1. 10710   Piloting project Alzheimer’s w/memory training Judy Canterbury and Dr.Ortega St. John.
    1. 11410   How memory works and how this system fits in with how our minds work. 3 parts to memory, 3 types of memory, remembering names.
    1. 12110   Marla Levine on the “Importance of grieving and regain bond of love after loss.”
    1. 12810   Beverly Anne Wilson Crystal – Singing Bowls for optimum health – sound therapy.
    1. 20410   Timothy Binder – homeopathy, hypnosis. Unfeeding your cells. What happens to those who never change their bad habits?
    1. 110509   Timothy Binder – Chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncture, homeopathy. Balancing and toning the inside of the body and tissues.
    1. 111209   Kharma Singh Khalsa – Speaking on improving Alzheimer’s.
    1. 111909   Vicki Mizel’s story of how the memory system is causing neuro-branch growth and getting started in memory training.
    1. 120309   Arnold Bresky – Improving the brain and the immune system. He believes the brain can regenerate and how memory training can help Alzheimer’s. Preventive Gerontology.
    1. 121009   Tonya Kaplan – Alzheimer’s support groups and a safe place to share for caregivers.
    1. 121709   How Vicki Mizel recovered from brain injury using the memory system. Interview with Vicki Mizel by Patricia Bolt.
    1. 122409   The importance of memory and memory training for actors.
    1. 123109   Positive and helpful New Year’s goals and good memories. Dr. Binder discussing  new pictures and powers of imagination.

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